Tim logs into his EMM Console and sees that the RECON platform has detected 3 BYOD apps out of risk compliance and automatically blacklisted them. Job done. Learn about MI3 for EMM
Muhammed received a notification from RECON about a newly identified vulnerability in his app. He opens up his code editor and updates the open source library. MI3 for DevOps
Emily checks the QA backlog and sees a new build that RECON has detected contains a vulnerability. She reviews the vulnerability and rejects the build. Learn about MI3 for SDLC
Lisa checks her inbox to find a fraud notification from RECON indicating an app has been identified using their trademarks. She alerts the legal team. MI3 for Brand Protection
Yuri starts a long pen-testing session, and decides to use RECON. 6 Minutes later his app is fully decompiled and he reviews the risk analysis report. MI3 for Penetration Testing