Lee Cocking

Chief Product Officer

Lee drives marketing and strategic product management for the RECON Platform. He is a 16-year veteran of connecting customer & business needs with world-class game-changing products and technologies. He has relentlessly pursued the leading edge of technology, garnering extensive experience in the areas of Business Development & Strategy, Product Management & Marketing, Software Development, IT Management and World-Class Customer Management & Support.

As a successful business leader, mentor, and idea generator, his focus has been on disruptive Mobile, Security and Blockchain technologies including:

• Blockchain Security for Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Supply Chain (Guardtime)
• Enterprise Mobility Management & Security (Good Technology)
• Mobile Integrity for the Department of Defense (Fixmo)
• Enterprise Mobile Hardware, Software & Security (BlackBerry)

He routinely works with enterprises and governments including organizations in Finance (Bank of America, Barclay’s Capital), Healthcare (Pfizer, Carefirst), Insurance (Sunlife), Retail (Wallmart), Consumer Electronics (Samsung, LG), Defense Agencies (Lockheed Martin), and Government Agencies (US/CA/UK).