Chilik Tamir

Chief Architect R&D

Chilik is a well known security technology leader and innovator. He has a deep technical background in security research, development, testing, consulting, and training. At Mi3 Security he leads a team responsible for development of the AppInterrogator platform. Previously he was the Chief Scientist at AppSec-Labs where he was responsible for leading security research and innovation. His many accomplishments include development of mobile products (Android, iOS) and Web 2.0. He has also created a wide range of security penetration and test tools. Using his expertise he has delivered security training and consulting to Fortune 500 financial and technology companies. Chilik is a frequent speaker on security, mobile security, and related topics at conferences around the world including Black Hat Technical Security Conference, HITB and OWASP. Chilik holds a biomedical engineering B.Sc. degree from Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.