MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – May 12, 2015 – MetaIntelli™, the leader in contextual intelligence-led Mobile Risk Management (MRM), including wearable’s, today announced support for iOS 8.4 and Apple Watch. This support brings unprecedented mobile app assessment capability to iOS and Apple Watch products. “Wearable’s introduce a new and intriguing attack vector for malicious actors. Increasing amounts of information are being collected from applications we run on mobile devices and now smart watches, and it is paramount that the apps we use are not exfiltrating our sensitive data,” said Lee Cocking, General Manager, Big Data at Guardtime. “Only MetaIntelli mitigates this risk by providing immediate support for new iOS releases and Apple Watch, ahead of the pack. This is a result of MetaIntelli’s patented approach which allows native risk detection without relying on jailbreaking.”

iOS devices and wearables are not immune to privacy leakage and broken security, that include 3rd Party miss-implementation (AFNetworking, OpenSSL, Go-to fail, Heartbleed, ShellStorm), personal information leakage, corporate data leakage, emails, healthcare data, billing, contacts, geolocation and phishing. Ongoing security analysis of these threats and their actual impact to the corporation is a key component in risk mitigation. This is why MetaIntelli focuses its research on the latest iOS aspects including HealthKit, ResearchKit, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and more actively covering iOS versions 8.4 and below including the latest Apple Watch line of applications.

“MetaIntelli” innovation is focused on all aspects of its service ranging from the latest mobile app risks that are exposed in new operating system releases by Apple and Google to wearable devices in the Enterprise” stated Kevin Mullenex, MetaIntelli Founder and CEO. “With the support of iOS 8.4 and Apple Watch, MetaIntelli provides its enterprise and government customers with the most up to date ability to identify privacy and security risks before they become threats.”

About MetaIntelli
MetaIntelli is the market and technology leader in contextual intelligence-led Mobile Risk Management (MRM), including wearables. The company’s cloud-based solution offers unmatched high-speed continuous identification and analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. It employs a patent-pending parallel multivariate risk analysis engine combining context, intent and predictive behavior attributes to quickly declare an app In or Out™. The combination of proactive and continuous risk detection provides enterprises with the most complete protection from threats posed by risky apps. For more information, please visit

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