Mountain View, Calif. – November 2, 2015 – MetaIntelli, Inc., announced today that it has changed its name to “Mi3 Security, Inc.™”.  “We decided to change our name for two reasons,” said Kevin Mullenex, CEO, and Co-founder, of Mi3 Security. “First, we wanted to make clear that we are focused on the security space – specifically, app security, and second, that our approach to security is driven by intelligence – on multiple levels.”

“’Intelligence,’ at Mi3, carries a double meaning,” Mullenex continued. “There’s ‘intelligence’ in the sense of big-data, intelligence gathering, which is essential to a successful, security strategy, and there’s our commitment to using the big data we gather to make enterprise security smarter, and more effective, by targeting and focusing precisely on the apps that pose the greatest risks to privacy and security.”

Mi3’s intelligence-driven, security model is built on three forms of intelligence: Machine, Meta, and Mobile.

  • Machine: Using advanced techniques in: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and parallel processing, Mi3 delivers deep app analysis – of Android and iOS apps – in minutes.
  • Meta: Mi3’s app analysis goes far beyond static code. Mi3’s analysis gives security managers the context of how that code behaves and whether the network resources it touches are safe.
  • Mobile: Using global, intelligence gathering, Mi3 provides continuous testing for and identification of the OWASP Mobile Top Ten vulnerabilities, and extends “mobile” beyond the smartphone and tablet, to apps for IoT.

With its global, intelligence gathering and deep app analysis, Mi3 Security gives enterprise IT management the actionable data it needs to understand an app’s Content, Intent, and Context, letting them recognize and predict which apps pose the greatest risks, and take action to prevent a breach before it happens.

About Mi3 Security

Mi3 Security is the leader in intelligence-driven app security. The company’s SaaS solutions offer unmatched, comprehensive analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. Employing a patent-pending, parallel, multivariate risk analysis engine, combining content, context, intent and predictive behavior attributes, Mi3 Security can quickly declare an app In or Out™, and provide IT management with the actionable intelligence it needs to protect their enterprise’s privacy and security before a breach occurs.