MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – December 2, 2014 — MetaIntelli™, the leader in enterprise Mobile Risk Management (MRM), announced today a breakthrough feature that enables native risk assessment for iOS 8 mobile apps. Unlike other approaches that rely on system vulnerabilities, jailbreaking, or similar unsustainable brute-force strategies, MetaIntelli’s AppInterrogator™ platform now includes a non-invasive, patent-pending means to natively profile iOS 8 mobile apps for privacy and security risk.

Mobile devices, and growing trends around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), have tipped the scales to position mobile as the greatest security risk for organizations. As mobile security expert Lee Cocking states, “Mobile is the new adversarial ingress point, and the largest risk sources are the mobile applications.”

MetaIntelli’s AppInterrogator performs a one-step, automated risk assessment of iOS 8 mobile apps. Without this, users or developers risk exposure to privacy and security attack vectors from threats including previously unknown vulnerabilities or misconfigured APIs. In the rush to deliver capabilities in mobile apps for iOS 8, there is significant potential for newly introduced vulnerabilities associated with HealthKit, HomeKit, Local Authentication Framework, Network Extension Framework, Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS), Near-Field Communication (NFC), or Apple Pay. As application developers move to iOS 8, they are required to use the iOS 8 operating system for apps released in the market, resulting in a multitude of apps rapidly entering the enterprise without sufficient (if any) security and privacy testing.

Other MRM providers that rely on jailbreak solutions, introduce a time delay in the analysis process plus they are dependent on third-party, unauthorized workarounds or hacks to facilitate risk assessments. Many jailbreaks rely on vulnerabilities, such as those recently addressed, and no longer available in iOS 8.1.1. These providers are not able to maintain the same level of seamless, up-to-date mobile risk analysis that MetaIntelli offers.

Only MetaIntelli assesses every new aspect of iOS 8 privacy and security risk that impacts our customers. This includes testing against the OWASP Mobile Top Ten Risks. MetaIntelli also tests iOS 8 third-party frameworks including those for networking, data storage, or user interfaces. Developers, researchers, penetration testers, and BYOD users benefit from MetaIntelli’s robust, in-depth reports that reflect the current and true nature of mobile app risk associated with iOS 8 capabilities, enabling them to proactively address the risks.

“The innovative architecture and flexibility of our AppInterrogator platform guarantees its ability to handle all operating system changes and remain at the forefront of technology,” affirms MetaIntelli founder and CEO, Kevin Mullenex. “As iOS 8 evolves, and future iOS releases enter the market, MetaIntelli will always be current with cutting-edge capabilities.”

About MetaIntelli

MetaIntelli is the market and technology leader in contextual intelligence-led Mobile Risk Management (MRM). The company’s cloud-based solution offers unmatched high-speed continuous identification and analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. It employs a patent-pending parallel multivariate risk analysis engine combining context, intent and predictive behavior attributes to quickly declare an app In or Out™. The combination of proactive and continuous risk detection provides enterprises with the most complete protection from threats posed by risky apps.

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