The future of mobile security: How to keep your employees in-the-know

Enterprise security is a never-ending, high-stakes battle. Research from The Ponemon Institute shows the average security breach costs businesses $3.62 million.

Even with this huge financial incentive, companies can easily fall behind in keeping pace with evolving security trends. Cybercriminals, malware and other security threats are always finding new ways to compromise enterprise networks. The rise of smartphones and tablets has created a new dimension of security challenges related to mobile security.

It isn’t just mobile technology that’s prompting IT to account for new security considerations. The complications come from the fact that these endpoints are placed in the hands of enterprise employees, many of whom won’t be aware of the latest security threats or how their behavior could create vulnerabilities. With the majority of enterprise security breaches coming from human error or other employee behaviors, proper training is important — and with the state of enterprise security changing so quickly, this training needs to be repeated and updated on a regular basis.