iOS 11’s Enterprise Impact: AR, Machine Learning Makes Waves

As is the case with all Apple product launches, the tech world was abuzz this month with release of the iPhone 8, which now comes in three variations. But what’s really unique about Apple’s latest flagship product is its operating system offerings, as iOS 11 shows itself to be a masterclass in handheld capabilities.

In the past, iOS updates and deployments were meant to fix patches and bring about upgraded features. With iOS 11, however, the new system is being rolled out alongside the iPhone 8 for a new experience. While Apple has appealed to the masses globally on the consumer end, it has also picked up steam in recent years in the enterprise, which begs the question: what does the latest and greatest offer the business world?

As previously reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, a recent survey showed some 82% of enterprise mobility moments were done inside the iOS platform, compared to just 18% on Android. Those figures seem to be a direct result of the shift by enterprises into a Bring Your Own Device landscape, which MarketsandMarkets predicts will have a presence in 50% of businesses by the end of 2017.