How to keep your company’s sensitive data secure

With changing work styles, there are many new threats to data security. Be it employee information, customer payment info or business strategies, every organisation is worried about the security of their sensitive data. Network security may sound like a simple concept to grasp, but there have been several incidences of data breach these days. It has become a challenging task, especially for small and medium sized businesses, who have to compromise with network security measures because of tight cash flow.

In order to protect sensitive information against malicious agents, it’s essential to take these important steps.

1. Educate employees on best network security practices

With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend gaining momentum, employees are free to work from their laptops, smartphones and mobile devices within the office premises. But, the lack of encryption on their devices or an outdated operating system may lead to data leakage. Malware can also find their way into the corporate network via unprotected mobile devices. So, employees need to be educated on expected network security practices right at the time of onboarding. An idea about phishing emails should be provided in advance, and they also need to be vigilant of how they are using public file-sharing applications like Drobox, OwnCloud and JungleDisk.