Enterprise Mobility Market: CYOD and BYOD to Surge Demand For Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Transparency Market Research has added a report that illustrates the scenario of the global enterprise mobility market. This market is highly fragmented and fast moving as many new players are emerging in the market. The agile technology is providing opportunities for new players to fill the market with new products, while the same agility is motivating big players to advance for strategically mergers and acquisitions. This market features the presence of some prominent companies that together dominate the global market. Whereas, the competition within these players is resilient.

The report estimates that the global enterprise mobility market will grow at 24.7% CAGR over the forecast period of 2015-2022. The market was valuated US$86.36 bn in 2014 and due to massive expansion of CAGR it is estimated to be gain the value of $510.39 bn by 2022.

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