Mi3 Security for Insurance


The Insurance industry is increasingly coming under cyber attack. Data theft often leads to insurance fraud, incurring a financial cost to the provider and an impact to customer trust.  Mi3 Security helps your organization mitigate reputation risk and offers a complete understanding of application risk posture.

A comprehensive information security plan may include, among other things, a cyberrisk assessment, involving external penetration testing (sometimes called ethical hacking, in which cyberdefenses are tested), as well as an internal evaluation
— Tom Brown, Global Leader of Cyber Security and Investigations, Berkeley Research Group, LLC.



Ensure that your brand or brand assets are not being used to orchestrate phishing attacks or as attack vectors into either your network or your customers. Using our machine-learning algorithms to crawl marketplaces, torrent or file-sharing services, we can discover any and all misuse of your brand, ensuring you are proactively notified so you can take the actions necessary to protect your reputation.


Re-packaged mobile app detection Identify whether your mobile application as been modified, re-packaged and is being distributed in other application markets

Re-packaged app detection

Re-packaged applications are often an attack vector to your customers by delivering malicious code under the pretence of an authentic app.  Identify whether your application as been modified, re-packaged and is being distributed in other application markets.

OWASP TOP 10 OWASP Mobile top ten testing is done on iOS apps and Android apps along with vulnerability scanning 10

OWASP Top 10

OWASP Mobile top 10 testing is done on iOS and Android applications along with vulnerability scanning to provide you with valuable information on data exposure and software risk in the application.