Patient Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information are valuable targets for attacks.  The healthcare sector also needs to comply with complex regulations such as HIPAA.  Mi3 Security can help you understand the complete risk posture of applications you release, the marketplace ecosystem as it relates to your brand as well as the applications you deploy within your organization.  

By combining open source intelligence (OSINT) while detailing app behavior, content, context, and intent, Mi3 Security is able to provide actionable threat analysis of mobile apps to IT.
— Chris Hazleton, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility 451 Research


Embed Mi3 RECON as part of your software development and release process to be sure that you are creating and releasing safe and secure applications.  Mi3 RECON produces the complete Threat, Vulnerability, Security and Privacy Risk Assessment for your application. After release, Mi3 RECON continues to analyse your applications and alert you if there are newly found vulnerabilities, enabling you to proactively address them and reduce the time to patch.

EMM integration Automatically detect newly installed mobile applications on your users' devices and apply EMM whitelist or blacklist policy

EMM integration

Be sure that the applications you deploy to your employee's meet your risk thresholds.  Using In-or-Out Recommendations you can automatically detect newly installed applications on your users' devices and apply EMM whitelist or blacklist policy.  Thresholds can be customized to meet your specific risk tolerance.

Brand protection Mi3 RECON Brand Protection detects fraudulent mobile applications across multiple app marketplaces

protect your patients

Protect your patients and customers from phishing attacks that may compromise their credentials and private data using Mi3 RECON Brand Protection. Unauthorized of your brand images and trademarks as well as repackaged applications can mislead and confuse your customers into leaking vital data to attackers.  Mi3 RECON Brand Protection can detect fraudulent applications across multiple app marketplaces, protecting both your customer and your business.