Mi3 Security for Financial


The Financial Services Industry is one of the most targeted sectors. Malicious actors leverage the trust and safety reputation of the financial sector to steal customer credentials and personal information through attacks such as phishing, threatening brand image and credibility.

Mi3 Security can help protect both your brand and your customers through risk based intelligence, both on the applications you release to your customers as well as identifying brand abuse in application markets.

The old paradigm of anti-virus solutions is largely irrelevant in mobile because most threats to security and privacy in a mobile world tend to come from Mobile Apps.
— Patrick Walravens, Senior Research Analyst JMP Securities


Every time your organization releases an application the number of threat vectors increase.  Malicious actors re-package applications, or create authentic looking applications by using icons and trademarks, in order to mislead customers with intent to capture credentials and other personal information.

Mi3 Security can help protect your brand and your customers by dramatically reducing the time-to-discovery for rogue or malicious applications in the marketplace, ensuring you and your customers are protected from brand damage, phishing attacks, or otherwise damaging cyber attacks. Mi3's RECON Platform will continuously analyze public marketplaces and mobile activity, allowing you to be proactively alerted and address in-field risk.



Sesure mobile applications Mi3 RECON helps enterprises to understand the full risk posture of mobile application before release, including data leakage potential, threats and vulnerabilities


Your organization has worked hard to build a trustworthy brand that is respected by customers. Mi3 Security helps you remain trustworthy by analyzing application risk before apps are released to ensure they do not become attack vectors or compromise customer information.

Using Mi3 RECON you can understand the full risk posture of your application before release, including data leakage potential, threats and vulnerabilities. 

BYOD Security and EMM integtration Be sure that the mobile applications you are deploying to your employee's devices are safe and secure


What goes in inside your organization is also detrimental to your overall security posture. When mobility is required by your employee's to do their jobs, be sure that the applications you are deploying to their devices are safe and secure.

For BYOD devices, our EMM integration will allow to you be confident that applications meet your risk thresholds via In-or-Out Recommendations from the Mi3 RECON Platform.