Free service provides instant risk assessment of mobile applications

Mountain View, CA – December 1, 2015 – Mi3 Security, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of a free, instant, mobile application risk assessment through its website: www.mi3security.com. The free report makes it easy for any user to leverage the results of Mi3 Security’s mobile application risk assessment database, instantly, by just typing the application’s name.

“Mobile apps are the single, greatest vulnerability in enterprise security, so IT has to vet them, to know which ones are safe to use,” said Kevin Mullenex, CEO Mi3 Security. “Our AppInterrogator platform has analyzed both Android and iOS apps, and we’ve compiled deep, contextual information on those applications’ risk profiles. When we’ve shown our customers what AppInterrogator can do, they get it, but they have to experience it to understand how powerful a tool it is. So, we decided to offer a sample test drive, so everyone can try it for themselves.”

Mi3 Security’s Free Mobile App Risk Assessment provides instant results, letting users see if an Android or iOS app is “In” (i.e., safe to use) or “Out” (i.e., risky), by simply typing the app name. The service also offers a customized, downloadable, executive summary report that provides detailed information on the various risk factors analyzed in the assessment. Mi3 Security’s Free Mobile App Risk Assessment is available now at: https://www.mi3security.com/free-mobile-app-risk-assessment/.

About Mi3 Security

Mi3 Security is the leader in intelligence-driven app security. The company’s SaaS solutions offer unmatched, comprehensive analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. Employing a patent-pending, parallel, multivariate risk analysis engine, combining content, context, intent and predictive behavior attributes, Mi3 Security can quickly declare an app In or Out™, and provide IT management with the actionable intelligence it needs to protect their enterprise’s privacy and security before a breach occurs. Follow Mi3 Security on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mi3security


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