Governments are increasingly engaging with citizens through the internet and applications, making it easier to access information and services. Between complex security regulations and trust of the public, it is critical that agencies not only use secure applications, but that the applications used by the public to interact with governments are safe and secure.

Mi3 RECON provides the depth and speed required to meet government application risk awareness requirements.  

The explosive proliferation of viruses and malware affecting mobile devices, with the added second dimension of money...means the implication of malfeasance skyrockets and mobile devices become [the] guardians of our financial freedom.
— EU Network Security Agency

Depth of ANalysis 

Government and Federal Agencies need to ensure the applications deployed are safe and secure, whether for use by federal agency employees or for applications made available to the public.  Mi3 RECON provides actionable risk analysis through an extensive set of SAST/DAST/VAST testing, intelligent analytics and reputation analysis.  No other solution provides the depth of analysis provided by Mi3 RECON to present the complete security and privacy risk posture of an application. 

Vulnerability Detection

Mi3 Security constantly maintains an updated vulnerability security testing toolset to ensure that all applications tested are indeed tested against latest vulnerabilities. MI3 Security puts focus on vulnerabilities found inside of the app, in third party code and performs testing for vulnerabilities against at the communication endpoints.  Not just a single scan, if new vulnerabilities are found, Mi3 RECON can proactively notify you, reducing the time to fix.

"In-or-Out" Recommendations

Mi3 RECON provides “In or Out” recommendation for each app, using high-speed autonomic risk intelligence and data correlation, performing in-depth analysis for accurate assessment.  Risk thresholds are customizable to meet unique risk tolerance and can be integrated into leading EMM Products to automatically apply policy.