Mi3 Security for Enterprise Mobility Management


Reduce the risk of supporting BYOD devices and managing enterprise app stores in your organization. AppInterrogator provides actionable risk intelligence to IT Administrators when applications are added to an app catalogue, or detected on a device, ensuring EMM policy compliance.


Our EMM PArtners





Automatic application whitelist/blacklist

AppInterrogator seamlessly connects to your EMM platform to automatically apply whitelist or blacklist EMM policies based on In-or-Out recommendations. Malicious application will be immediately detected.


Customizable threshold

We understand that each organization has a different apetite for risk. Mi3 has created customizable thresholds for In-or-Out recommendations to adapt to the unique risk tolerance of your business.



INtegration into leading EMM platforms

AppInterrogator integrates with leading EMM vendors including AirWatch, MobileIron and Sophos. The platform is extensible and can be easily integrated into additional vendor solutions.