Higher education is a target for cyber attacks due to the high value information collected.  University and College institutions are embracing digital technologies to connect with students and faculty in an open and inviting fashion.  Safety for students is becoming paramount for higher education to ensure applications used by students and faculty do not expose students and schools to unnecessary risk.

Higher education accounts for 17 percent of all personal information data breaches…only the medical sector is victimized more.
— K. Westby, Coalfire Systems http://www.cybersecurityhighered.com/

Scan applications

Be sure that applications provided to your students and faculty meet risk tolerance of your institution.  Protect your students and faculty by using AppInterrogator to show the full privacy and security risk posture of your mobile apps before they become threats, allowing you to make clear decisions based on the complete risk score.

In-Or-Out Recommendation and Scoring

AppInterrogator provides an "In-or-Out" risk recommendation for each application, making it easy to identify apps that exceed your risk tolerance.  Thresholds are customizable to meet your organization's risk tolerance. Every risk analysis has a security and privacy score to understand at glance the risk level. 

data leak prevention

Network connections and payload are scanned to understand if data is leaking out of the environment through the application. You can also identify if an application is leaking secrets such as Tokens, API Keys and Credentials.