RSA 2018: Topics You Shouldn't Miss

Now a full quarter into 2018 we can begin to take a look at what 2018 will define in terms of security, and what we're seeing is a lot of focus on mobile security, application security, IoT security, and broader challenges with data privacy, regulation and theft.

Fittingly, the RSA conference is now just two weeks away, and it's covering some absolutely great topics that you shouldn't miss:

Here's what you shouldn't miss @ RSA:

Social Media and National Security

Last week we discussed the current state of affairs with Facebook, nation-state election meddling and data privacy breaches. With over 2 billion users (largely mobile) with troves of data at the fingertips of crafty data miners, here's the buzz at the upcoming RSA conference.

POTUS is Posting: Social Media and National Security - Wed April 18th

Identifying Threats Outside the Firewall with Machine Learning - Tue April 17th

Identifying Theft through OSINT - Wed April 18th


GDPR is making a continued splash as the implementation date of May 25th approaches. We've been following closely and have released out own automated GDPR mobile app analysis. RSA has the following related sessions:

GDPR Essentials - Mon April 16th

IAPP: Security's Role in GDPR Compliance - Mon April 16th

How to Tackle the GDPR: A Typical Privacy and Security Roadmap - Tue April 17th

GDPR and You: Common Sense Approach to Privacy - Wed April 18th

The GDPR Is Only for Europe - Right? - Thu April 19th

Big Little Lies - Truth on the New EU Regulations for ID and Data Protection - Fri April 20th

Mobile & IoT Security

Mobile security, and specifically IoT security is seeing a lot of focus. We recently discussed in two articles: IOT: The Internet of Threat, and Mobile Devices Driving the Future of Authentication. Here's there sessions you don't want to miss at RSA:

Hype or Myth: Smart Home Security - Tue April 17th

CheapSCAte: Attacking IoT With Less Than $60 - Wed April 18th

Securing the IoT Connected Car with Digital Identity - Wed April 18th

Improving Mobile Authentication for Public Safety and First Responders - Thu April 19th

Mobile Payment Security - Risk and Response - Fri April 20th

IoT and Critical Infrastructures: A Collision of Fundamentals? - Fri April 20th

Something for Everyone

It looks like this years RSA is lining up to be a great one, with timely and critical topics that every security practitioner should be paying attention to. Check out RSA's full schedule so you don't miss these awesome sessions!

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