Mi3 Security for Automated Build Testing


Embed deep risk intelligence as part of the software development lifecycle. Perform automated risk scanning with every build to produce actionable risk intelligence reports and recommendations.   

Integrate RISK Scanning into your SDLC process.




Mi3 Security integrates with Gradle, Jenkins and xCode to automate and perform a full risk and security assessment for each and every build.  Within minutes the developer,  security teams and management have a complete risk report with actionable intelligence and recommendations.




Network connections and payload are scanned to understand if data is leaking out of the environment through the application. You can also identify if an application is leaking secrets such as Tokens, API Keys and Credentials. 



Identify vulnerability before and after release.  Mi3 RECON continuously monitors for vulnerabilities, even after you have scanned and shipped your software.  Mi3 RECON will alert you if newly found vulnerabilities exist in your code. 

Customizable Integration

Build custom integrations using the robust RESTful API.  Manage the scan cycle, receive notifications and alerts, generate PDF reports via API and even get a comparison report back on the differences and similarities between two versions of an app.