Mi3 AppVisualizer: Deep App Risk Exploration


A real-time decision support dashboard for deep visual analysis of both Android and iOS app risks, revealing the reputations, relationships and identified threats of an app’s key elements.

Get your research on.

Mi3 Security has a unique cloud-based engine for fast and simple mobile app risk analysis that serves as a powerful magnifying glass detecting bad actors in the new mal-app landscape.
— Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, EVP, Usher MicroStrategy


Navigate a visual map of all relationships your application has with other applications, risk and threats.  Using MI3 RECON intelligence, AppVisualizer provides a visual map you can navigate to identify shared assets, code and certificates between your application and applications in the marketplace.



Drill deep into code level elements of both Android and iOS apps.  With visual relationship mappings, you can follow the path of shared Classes, View Controllers, Frameworks and Certificates to identify risky shared code, or unauthorized use.



As you navigate the relationship mappings from your application to other applications in the ecosystem you can create and apply policy based on the visual findings. You can whitelist or blacklist individual apps or entire groups as well as apply EMM blocking rules.