Mi3 Security was founded by individuals with deep backgrounds in cybersecurity, intelligence gathering and reputation evaluation. As a result, Mi3’s approach is rooted in broad, intelligence collection and reputation analysis, which provides deep, comprehensive insights into app security.

Understanding the reputations and relationships behind an app’s certificates, developers, code, and domains yields a deep multi-dimensional picture of an app’s risk conditions, which goes beyond the conventional anti-virus.


What does Mi3 mean?

Machine Intelligence machine learning, artificial intelligence, parallel processing, mobile app analysis


Using advanced techniques in: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and parallel processing, Mi3 delivers deep app analysis in minutes.

Meta Intelligence machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile app testing


There is far more to today’s apps than just their static code. IT has to know the context of how that code behaves and whether the network resources it touches are safe.

Mobile Intelligence OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities, mobile app security, IoT app security


Using global, intelligence gathering, Mi3 provides continuous testing for and identification of the OWASP Mobile Top Ten vulnerabilities, and extends “mobile” beyond the smartphone and tablet, to apps for IoT.