451 Research Report Highlights Mi3 Security’s Visual Mobile App Analysis

Report finds value in Mi3 Security’s visual mobile app security assessment and forensics tools

Mountain View, CA – December 8, 2015 – Mi3 Security, Inc., today announced the immediate release of a new technology report from 451 Research, LLC that validates Mi3 Security’s mobile security analysis and forensics tools, AppInterrogator and AppVisualizer. Mi3 Security has made the report available for free download from its website: www.mi3security.com.

“Mobile apps are the greatest weakness in enterprise security, but to see where the risks are, you have to see them in 3D,” said Kevin Mullenex, CEO, Mi3 Security. “Today’s apps are so complex and interrelated, IT can’t see the risks with just text or tabular data – you have to be able to see the correlations between apps, code, developers, and domains visually. 451’s report spotlights this new, forensic approach that we introduced with AppVisualizer.”

In the report, Chris Hazelton, 451 Research, Director of Enterprise Mobility, writes: “Mi3 is looking to address application complexity by providing a simplified visual story of how mobile apps are related to data sources, developers, and risky code. The idea is to help IT visualize the risks mobile apps pose, and to understand which apps to push to their employees. For an IT shop facing an expanding list of mobile app demands from every line of business, being able to identify good from bad apps quickly and visually will be increasingly helpful.”

Mi3 Security has made the 451 Research report freely available on the company’s website here: 451 Mi3 Security Report.

About Mi3 Security

Mi3 Security is the leader in intelligence-driven app security. The company’s SaaS solutions offer unmatched, comprehensive analysis of security and privacy risks for iOS and Android applications. Employing a patent-pending, parallel, multivariate risk analysis engine, combining content, context, intent and predictive behavior attributes, Mi3 Security can quickly declare an app In or Out™, and provide IT management with the actionable intelligence it needs to protect their enterprise’s privacy and security before a breach occurs. Follow Mi3 Security on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mi3security


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