Today’s hackers are smart, so you have to be smarter – and so does your security. At Mi3 Security, our intelligence-driven, app analysis engine leverages globally-sourced app data to give you the precise, actionable information you need to identify the vulnerable Android and iOS apps in your enterprise – before you suffer a breach. Mi3 Security’s deep, app intelligence gives IT the critical, objective data it needs to set targeted policies that strengthen all areas of enterprise security, protect BYOD, and save time and money.

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Using advanced techniques in: machine learning, artificial intelligence, and parallel processing, Mi3 delivers deep app analysis in minutes.

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There is far more to today’s apps than just their static code. IT has to know the context of how that code behaves and whether the network resources it touches are safe.

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Using global, intelligence gathering, Mi3 provides continuous testing for and identification of the OWASP Mobile Top Ten vulnerabilities, and extends “mobile” beyond the smartphone and tablet, to apps for IoT.

Mi3 Security’s cloud-based service is built on three forms of globally sourced, multi-variant, app intelligence: Machine, Meta, and Mobile. By applying a powerful, parallel analysis engine to this vast pool of app data, Mi3 can deliver deep, predictive analyses of Android and iOS apps in just minutes.

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AppInterrogator, a flexible, automated mobile app security assessment platform purpose built to rapidly identify privacy and security risks to include vulnerabilities, data leakage and named threats. Built upon exposed Restful API's, AppInterrogator integrates seamlessly into any environment using our SaaS Platform.



AppVisualizer revolutionizes app security. For the first time, IT security managers have a real-time, visual analysis service that reveals hidden, risky relationships that would be impossible to detect using text-based reporting tools.

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Hear what the experts say
Ann JohnsonAnn Johnson
"The AppInterrogator framework is an ideal platform on which to target thorough mobile application analysis. We are excited to explore this new paradigm in mobile app security with Mi3 Security."
Ann Johnson, Vice President, Engineering
Reservoir Labs
Patrick WalravensPatrick Walravens
"The old paradigm of anti-virus solutions is largely irrelevant in mobile because most threats to security and privacy in a mobile world tend to come from Mobile Apps."
Patrick Walravens, Senior Research Analyst
JMP Securities
Sam SpadaforaSam Spadafora
"Mi3 Security solves a critical problem in the mobile app market that represents a huge risk for every user but is often ignored…until after they are compromised."
Sam Spadafora, Chairman
KiK Interactive
Chris HazeltonChris Hazelton
"By combining open source intelligence (OSINT) while detailing app behavior, content, context, and intent, Mi3 Security is able to provide actionable threat analysis of mobile apps to IT."
Chris Hazleton, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility
451 Research
Dr. Guy Levy-YuristaDr. Guy Levy-Yurista
"Mi3 Security has a unique cloud-based engine for fast and simple mobile app risk analysis that serves as a powerful magnifying glass detecting bad actors in the new mal-app landscape."
Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, Executive Vice President, Usher
iOS Security
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Mi3 Security AppInterrogator™ precisely pin-points the privacy and security risks for every app deployed in an organization. Rapid mobile app vetting is performed with policy enforcement to mitigate app risks before they become an enterprise threat.

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Nation states and government entities rely on Mi3’s AppInterrogator to ensure that all mobile apps used by all agencies have a security assessment completed prior to the app being used.

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App Developer

Integrated into the build cycle, Mi3 Security provides a rapid security assessment on each and every build created to ensure no data leakage occurs and that privacy and security standards are meet through the entire project. Mi3 Security tests against the OWASP Mobile top 10.

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Penetration Tester

Use AppInterrogator to rapidly assess the weak areas of mobile apps so that you know where to focus your testing on while saving upwards of 25% of the time it takes to perform the testing.

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