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Mi3 Security’s platform ensures that apps, and their behaviors, don’t pose a risk to the enterprise for privacy and security.
— 451 Research

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Mi3 Security prides itself on having two key differentiators; the DEPTH of risk intelligence we produce for applications and the SPEED at which we produce those intelligence results.


DEPTH of Risk intelligence

Mi3 Security has spent nearly half a decade creating the RECON Platform to aggregate and integrate threat intelligence feeds across every possible threat source. The platform analyzes everything from malicious Android and iOS frameworks to OWASP Top 10 threats to rogue brand infringement on torrent engines.

Speed of results

We heard our customers, and we listened. Mi3 Security has fine tuned the RECON Platform to analyze threats and uncover actionable risk conditions in record time; eleven minutes for iOS applications and six minutes for Android applications, ensuring rapid response for the most demanding app test environments.

The only cloud-based risk intelligence platform with
the depth and speed required for today’s app innovators.

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